What is Relationship Confidence?

Feeling good about yourself, feeling good about your partner, and feeling good about the relationship you are in. Bringing your best, most loving, most confident self into the relationship. Learning, growing, evolving, thriving in the relationships with others and the relationship with yourself.

There's a saying that says "Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have."

Relationships can be a great joy, but they can also be a source of great stress. Things like too much arguing, not enough intimacy, poor communication, insecurity or self-doubt, feeling detached and isolated, or feeling like you can't be your true self with others are examples of relationship stress.

Relationships come in all forms (love relationships, friendships, parents, kids, extended family, co-workers, bosses, teammates, ex's, etc.). A relationship that's off-kilter can have a ripple effect on all the other areas of your life - your work, your mood, your stress level, your health, your focus, your creativity, your satisfaction and overall well being.

Relationship stress can be worked out! It's never too late to learn better ways of communicating and expressing yourself. It doesn't matter whether you are presently in a relationship, or operating solo. The need for learning, growing, and becoming more confident happens all through life. When there is work to be done, having a personal Coach on your side can really make a difference!

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