Personal Development

Are you having a difficult time handling the struggles in your life?

Could you use an expert opinion on what you’re going through, or a non-judgemental ear just to listen?

Do you think you could benefit the most from individualized attention?

Are you hesitant to talk to others about your problems?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then individual therapy could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Individual therapy differs from group or alternative therapy methods in the way that you are the sole focus of a single therapist who helps you develop and achieve your goals for therapy.

If you’ve been feeling hopeless or lost lately, or struggling with a problem in your life that feels unsurmountable, individual therapy could help you improve your everyday life. Individual therapy helps you win against whatever you’re battling by putting a real expert in your corner by means of a professional therapist.

So if any of these sound like you…

  • You keep worrying about the same problem over and over
  • You don’t know who you could ever trust with knowing about your secret struggle
  • You wish there was somebody who could tell you why you feel this way
  • You’re interested in therapy, but you don’t want to give up total control
  • Other areas of your life are being negatively impacted by your struggle
  • You need somebody to listen to you and your feelings for once
  • You’re interested in therapy, but not sure how it could fit into your life

…Then individual therapy could be right for you.

Individual therapy is so helpful for so many people because it’s the best way to get truly customized therapy. Group therapy may have its own set of numerous advantages but if you want more control over the pacing of your therapy, the methods used, the amount of analysis or feedback you can receive, and the timing of your sessions, you owe it to yourself to look into individual therapy.

If you’re looking for help improving your everyday life – or for a more tailored therapy experience – you would be a great fit for our individual therapy services. Please reach out to me today for an assessment for individual therapy or to schedule your first appointment.

Relationships and the Authentic Self

To be your authentic self in the company of others, particularly with your intimate partner, is the ideal way of being in alignment with your true self. Being your authentic self means living life as the whole person you were born to be, not some paired-down version of yourself to fit into someone else’s mold. Parents, spouses, partners, friends, religion, culture, society… all have an impact on your definition of who you are in this world.

What happens when we are not living in accordance with our authentic selves? We pick the wrong partners, we operate with defense mechanisms (knee-jerk reactions to emotional triggers), we don’t have good boundaries, we don’t feel confident and empowered in our relationships, and we are not as present and tuned-in as we could be. Perhaps there is too much chatter going on in our heads. Perhaps we second-guess ourselves? Perhaps we are so focused on how others are going to react that we edit ourselves and hold back what is really true for us.

Living life as your authentic self is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself, and to the world. But many of us were not groomed to be our authentic selves when we were first staring out in life. So we have to learn how to be authentic. It takes practice. And it’s worth it.

Boundaries: Internal & External

When we think of boundaries, we oftentimes think of things like saying “No” when you don’t want something, or saying things like “That’s not okay with me” or “This is not what I want.” Those are thought of as external boundaries, because they have to do with responding to something outside yourself, usually in response to another person’s words or actions.

But there are other kinds of boundaries, which are referred to as “internal boundaries.” Internal boundaries have to do with having a solid sense of self. Knowing who you are, what you want, and where you stand. And communicating that to the people in your life. Internal boundaries are about knowing where you end, and others begin. It’s about knowing who you are as a unique individual, totally separate from the wants and needs of other people around you, like spouses, partners, parents, and so on.

Good healthy internal boundaries allow you to be your true self in relationship to others. And when you’re clear about yourself, it makes it easier for you to see people for who they are, to love them and appreciate them in spite of their human deficiencies, without the need to fix, take care of, or change them. It’s like the saying, ” You do you.”

When you have solid internal boundaries, it’s sort of like having a transparent bubble around your self (your heart and your mind): you can see through it, feel through it, and others can see you too. People can see you, and feel you, but they can’t take from you.

If you don’t have solid internal boundaries, you either have to erect a brick wall around your self for protection or if you don’t, it feels like people can come in and exert some kind of influence over you that you don’t want. In our work, we focus on strengthening the internal boundaries as well as the external ones. And that’s what it means to develop a solid sense of self. …Deep stuff. This kind of work can be a game-changer; making life more manageable, more satisfying and definitely more fulfilling.

Being Me, While Being with You

Maintaining a healthy sense of individuality while being in a relationship with another person is challenging for some people. For those who find themselves compromising who they are a bit too much in their relationships, this topic is for you.

A healthy relationship supports each partner to be the best version of themself. So ask yourself: Are you able to be the best version of yourself in your relationship? Do you shine, speak your mind, follow your passions, and express your unique opinions and reactions to things going on around you?

Or is the opposite true… do you find yourself holding back, compromising, editing your words? Being your genuine, authentic self – all the while being in close connection with a partner – is one of the many topics we discuss in our work.

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